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Halcomb's Knob LLC
430 Wallacetown Rd
Paint Lick, KY  40461
Tel: 859-595-1434
Bakery & Bed and Breakfast
Deborah Messenger & Jim Boyd
The Bakery at Halcomb’s Knob housed within the walls of the farm’s Bed and Breakfast opened its ovens in 2014 initially to the Inn’s guests whom by popular demand craved the take-home taste and goodness of the Knob’s signature breads and sweet rolls. Within months of the first loaves of bread packaged and carried home to families, word spread of the “just-like-grandma’s” yeast breads, rolls and sweet pastries; and the Knob’s bakery business bloomed. And while the volume of products has greatly increased since 2014, the Bakery at Halcomb’s Knob continues to be an on-farm business, utilizing our own sun-ripened fruits, heirloom herbs, and field-grown vegetables; Kentucky milled whole grains, and locally sourced sweeteners (honey and sorghum); offering the tantalizing tastes of home-grown goodness fresh-from-our-ovens to you.